Hornbook, Sofware Garden - what's the deal?


TLDR: Software Garden is a workshop and a community around it. Hornbook is a company that provides the workshop and other services.

Ok, it may seem a little bit confusing. We are trying to wrap our heads around it too. Here is the story.

Some time last year we decided to run the workshop about software for non-technical people. We called it Software Garden. You can read more about it at https://software.garden/ . The first run was successful - we had fun, students were satisfied and some of you expressed interest in continuing education (that’s why we set up this discussion site). But we have realized that it will take some time for the workshop to be financially sustainable. We don’t want to compromise on the mission, but we need to make money.

To keep the cash flowing @jewiet and I started providing other services: coaching and training for professional software developers, custom software development, etc. We were looking for a way to keep it all together, but not confused. So in the end we decided to make two brands: Software Garden is a name for the workshop and a community of students, mentors and software hobbyists. Hornbook is a company that delivers the workshop and provides other services.


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